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Klaus Kolb was raised in East Germany during WW II by a demanding but brilliant father and loving step-mother. After the war, he and his family were trapped in East Germany after the Soviets took over. When his father was taken away, Klaus became the man of the house at age thirteen.

Later, Klaus apprenticed and became a journeyman as a machinery builder and studied engineering in East Germany until he escaped to West Germany via the Berlin Subway in 1955.

He was an engineering design manager for an industrial air conditioning system business before emigrating to the U.S. in 1965 to be president of textile firms in South Carolina. In 1998, he created and was CEO of Kolb’s Geodesic Dome Homes.

He is now retired in Florida where he is focusing on writing three more volumes of his autobiography.

The pictures below were taken in East Germany after WWII.

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Klaus rides his bike with sister Ilse looking on

Klaus with his father Alfred and sister Ilse

Irmgard with youngest daughter Anne, Klaus and Ilse when Alfred was taken by the Soviets

Oma’s apartment building where Klaus visited often

Klaus has always loved reading.

Oma, baby sister Ilse and Klaus