Klaus Kolb determinedly grew to a teen in an eastern province of Germany during the rise of the Nazi party and World War II. In this first book of his life's memoir, Kolb tells his stories of childhood pranks, survival and substitution, hunger, and terrifying night runs to airless air raid shelters.

Raised by his father and loving step-mother, he was secreted west in a cramped truck to avoid the oncoming victorious Red Army. When the teen finally returned home, he was interrogated by the Communist Party. He was released, but his father wasn’t as lucky. When his father was taken away, Klaus, only 13 years old, became the male head of his household in a broken nation.

You will burst out laughing, sniffle as you hold back tears and completely empathize with Klaus' stories of climbing a dung pile to play, searching for bullets to start fires that got out of control, and thinking he caused Germany to lose the war by wishing to avoid attending the Adolph Hitler School.

Twelve flags, One Life is the first book in the author’s series of memoirs about his life’s adventures which eventually take him to twelve nations.

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Klaus with father, stepmother Irmgard and her mother (Oma)

Klaus playing ball with childhood friend

Klaus’ stepmother (front left) and father, with Irmgard’s family